LA Riots Are Back on Psycho Disco! With ‘House Is A Feeling’

Featuring remixes from Lucati and Fritz Carlton.

LA Riots are back with a brand new release titled ‘House Is A Feeling‘, out now via Psycho Disco! Records, and featuring remixes from Lucati and Fritz Carlton.

Marking their second release on the label this year, the single further divulges into LA Riots current progression into the classic feel of traditional house music. Joining LA Riots on this release, Lucati and Fritz Carlton have taken the track into their respective studios to create official remixes. With Lucati, “House Is A Feeling” flips from classic to contemporary tech-house with the infusion of a chunky bassline and hypnotic synth. While with Fritz Carlton, it turns into a groovy seven-minute extension that lays on dreamy melodies with just enough oomph to keep the dance floor moving into the early hours.

Listen to ‘House Is A Feeling‘ remixes below!


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