Bristol promoters Alfresco Disco have revealed that T E M P L E, a new 1000-capacity temporary party venue will open its doors in a secret location on October 6th.

“We felt for a long time Bristol was lacking a really strong mid-size venue that’s both intimate but with enough room to make it an amazing event. When we saw the T E M P L E space we knew straight away we had the opportunity to create something really special in which we can do just that,” said co-founder Luke Turner.

The club is set to host three events, taking place October 6th, October 27th and November 17th, with the line-ups remaining secret until the day of the show. “Expect a carefully curated series of unique events, that exhibit some of the most exciting talent from Bristol and beyond,” revealed Alfresco Disco.

More info about T E M P L E will be shared soon here!


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