Octave One have revealed that they will be performing as their Never On Sunday electronic band in Rome on September 24th at Terme di Diocleziano with their first ever Never On Sunday live show.

Detroit Techno producers Lenny and Lawrence Burden, first debuted as Never On Sunday in 1991 on Carl Craig’s classic label Retroactive with the track “The Journey”. The two brothers developed the sound of N.O.S. with slower deeper grooves and experimental beats and vocals.

2018 brings the brothers back to a world that they missed greatly with a special performance. Incorporating their love for visual art interaction, urban beats, and experimental synthesis, the Never On Sunday concert experience will bring all their worlds together. To make the occasion even more special, the brothers have returned to the studio with a new vocalist, Karina Mia, composing new material for the concert as well as recording a new EP for 2019 release.

For more info about the event head here!


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