Underground Funk Musician Prophet Back With New Album After 30 Years

Produced by Mndsgn, 'Wanna Be Your Man' comes out May 11th on Stones Throw.

Underground funk musician Prophet has teamed up with Californian hip hop producer Mndsgn to deliver a new record called ‘Wanna Be Your Man‘.

Scheduled for May 11th on Stones Throw, ‘Wanna Be Your Man‘ is the second album coming from the San Francisco Bay Area native, who faded away into obscurity after the release of his one and only 1984’s ‘Right On Time‘ on Treasure Records. “Nobody really gave me a shot [after the release of ‘Right on Time’]. Imagine if someone came up to you and said: ‘It’s not going to break for you for another 30 years.’ I had to stay focused and stay on the path,” he says.

But fortunately, there were some fans who kept the flame of the private press gem alive, whilst many collectors tried to get their hands on it. In the early 2000s Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf came across the precious 6-tracker in a San Francisco’s shop: “It was just the kind of music I grew up on, with Prince and The Time vibes, but a rare, lo-fi bedroom version,” he explains. “Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily sound like anything else from the time period.

In 2013 the funk artist opened for Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk and that’s where he was introduced to Mndsgn. A big fan of Prophet’s early work, the Stones Throw in-house producer says: “It’s classic 80s, untapped funk. What he does is very much in line with the lineage of Stones Throw which is always from the left field.

Together, they began to work on the music that would become ‘Wanna Be Your Man‘. Check out the full artwork below!

Listen to Prophet’s new single “Insanity” below!

You can pre-order your copy of ‘Wanna Be Your Manhere.


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