As part of the Night Mayor of Amsterdam’s goals to boost the city’s economy, Nachtlab (Warehouse Elementenstraat) and Ven Amsterdam now have 24-hour licenses, which is exclusive to just seven establishments including De School, Radion, Tolhuistuin, DOKA, A’dam-Toren, Overkant and De Koning Party Events.

This is particularly great news for club-goers in Amsterdam, as Nachtlab includes the Warehouse Elementenstraat, a 2,000 capacity space that’s home to the wickedly popular techno event Hyte.

Bruno Hartmann, the sales manager of Elementenstraat, told Deep House Amsterdam this is an exciting time for the event space: “We are extremely careful as long as we didnt get final approval and a date when we can open our doors. However, the city of Amsterdam chooses us and Ven Amsterdam to be the new two locations that can get a 24 license, so thats the most important step. It took us months of preparations and writing, so we can’t wait to use this amazing chance for nightlife of Amsterdam.”

On the other hand, Ven Amsterdam, a 45,000 sqm complex consisting of hotels, a casino, fitness centre, restaurant, social spaces and rooftop bar, now hopes to be able to become the “24/7 mini city centre” it always planned for.

These venues will be able to open when they so choose. Expect more news on upcoming events to follow.

Meanwhile Ven Amsterdam represents more of a business venture side with it’s 45,000 sqm business and entertainment complex in Sloterdijk, which houses a hotels, a large casino, health and fitness centre, a restaurant, social spaces and a rooftop bar with a panoramic view over the city centre.



Tali Bielski, the Marketing Manager of Ven commented: “We want to express a huge thank you to the city of Amsterdam for the official vote of confidence in granting a 24hr license to the Ven concept. Overall, Ven will help meet the future needs of the city, offering a decentralised alternative to the increasingly congested centre, helping Sloterdijk become a new 24/7 ‘mini city centre’. It is a new kind of destination, which will put the area on the map.”

As these venues will be able to open at anytime, we can expect more news on upcoming events to follow.



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