It’s been a rough hurricane season this year, due to Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas and most notably to Irma which is currently affecting the Caribbean islands and Florida and which has also been reported as one of the strongest calamity ever recorded in the Atlantic. The results have already been devastating and even fatal, leaving homes and family destroyed and in a state of desolation.

In response to the damage the natural disaster has caused, SXM Festival has launched a fundraising campaign to help rebuild the infrastructure of the island of St. Martin, the festival’s home.

Our hearts are with everyone who has been affected by this massive storm and to those who are in her path. At this time we are concentrating our efforts in raising funds to assist with the basic needs of our brothers and sisters on Saint Martin as we are intimately connected to the people and the island.” the GoFundMe page reads. “Our goal has always been to bring joy and love to this special island and now we need to do this more than ever. We have had so much support from Saint Martin to build our dream festival and now it is our turn to help. Please like, love and share widely. If you  have any supplies you can offer please contact us directly to help.

Find more info and donate here.


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