Tony Pike, founder of legendary Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, has thrown a fundraiser to help pay for his own cancer treatment.

I am 84 years old, and I have prostate cancer and skin cancer,” writes Pike on his GoFundMe page. He then continues: “People think i am a multimillionaire because the hotel is sold. The opposite is true. I don’t tell the full story here out of respect to my son who i sincerely love, though i lost all my money.. I need treatment for these cancers on the mainland very urgently in a special clinic with my specialist Dr. Froenicke. I need dendritic cells therapy asap.” At the time of writing, he has raised €1,004 out of a total of €26,000.

The man Boy George dubbed as “the real Hugh Hefner” opened the San Antonio hotel in 1978. Known as one of the most famous / infamous hotels on the island, it soon reached great heights of fame thanks to its incredible collection of famous guests and wild parties. The hotel first gained the spotlight in 1983 for having being the location of Wham!‘s 1983 hit ‘Club Tropicana‘, while in 1987 it hosted Queen frontman Freddie Mercury‘s 41st birthday.

Pike sold the iconic Ibiza institution to its current owners, Ibiza Rocks, in 2008. Last year, he published a memoir titled Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend.

To donate to his fund, click here.

[Via: RA]


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