The Steoples launch their first album on Stones Throw!

Six Rocks will release on August 11th

The Steoples will put out their first album, Six Rocks, on Stones Throw.

The group is a collaboration between vocalist Yeofi Andoh and Gifted & Blessed (GB). The label said “Yeofi and GB synchronize to create deep rooted soul through introspective, thought provoking poetry.” The press release goes on to note the music on the duo’s debut LP strives to be genre-free and “boundless.” 

The Steoples have only dropped a self-titled EP thus far, but the lead-off tune on that 12-inch, “Nature Of The Soul,” appeared on Prosumer’s fabric 79 mix.

Listen to Six Rocks track “Roles.”

01. From The Otherside
02. Smoak
03. Courting Sunshine
04. Fated
05. Best
06. Roles
07. We Like The Dark
08. Real Enough To Be
09. Leaning Toward Not Sure
10. Six Rocks
11. Beach Baby Pt. II


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