Steffi, the Panorama Bar resident, is in charge of the 94th fabric mix, which will see release on June 16th.

The Dutch-born and Berlin-based DJ, producer and label boss gathered 15 cuts made specially for this set. Voiski, Answer Code Request, Unbalance, Dexter and Virginia are among the contributors.

Steffi says she looked to the sound of Warp’s classic Artificial Intelligence CDs as “a starting point in terms of atmosphere.” She explains how the process of collecting new material from her “inner circle” and some of her favorite producers affected her approach: “My initial thought was to step away from beat mixing completely and let the atmosphere set the tone, but when the tracks started rolling in, it naturally shaped up as a fully mixed CD.”

On top of that, Steffi will launch her third solo LP this fall.

01. L.u.c.a. – Echo 1
02. Voiski – Sound Of Distance
03. STFSHD – 1.5
04. Unbalance – Freedom
05. Doms & Deykers – No Life On The Surface
06. Answer Code Request – Forking Path
07. Dexter – 66
08. 214 – Sound Moments
09. Mesak – Commonaukko
10. Duplex – Voidfiller
11. Late Night Approach – Poison Valley
12. UAS – World Gets Crazy
13. Afik Naim – Saturniidae
14. Dexter & Virginia – Off The Beat
15. Privacy – Broke

Fabric Records will release fabric 94 on June 16th, 2017.


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