Souldynamic Italian duo will release tomorrow, April 27th, a new EP “Chameleon EP Vol. 2” via their own label Excedo Records.

The two-track EP follows “Chameleon EP Vol. 1” released in March, and represents the second episode of a trilogy dedicated to the amazing reptile. On this new records, the duo continues its path of renewal, focusing on productions much more careful about dancefloor and the deep side of house music.

The Italian duo celebrated in 2017 their 10 years in the music industry. Their track “Equatoriale” was played by Lil Louis at Concrete in Paris during the famous video that reached millions of views on social media. while last year, they released their debut album “Origins” via Tribe Records.

Listen to “Chameleon Vol. 2” below!

1. Bioluminescence
2. Akinesia


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