Recondite has shared details of his fifth album, due out on February 16th on his own Plangent Records.

Titled ​’Daemmerlicht‘​ (which means “fading light”), the new LP ranges from instrumental hip hop to downbeat, exploring also ambient and classical music.

Also, a launch party for the album is scheduled for January 31st and February 1st at Berghain’s SÄULE, where the Bavarian musician will perform a live audiovisual show as part of Berlin’s CTM Festival. Grab tickets here!

Listen to snippets from the album below!

01 Daemmerlicht
02 Durch Den Hohlweg
03 Lichtung
04 Hoehlenlichter
05 Der Steinmetz
06 Van Der Kanzel
07 Am Tag Danach
09 Im Holz
09 Am Sonntag
10 Am Grund
11 Im Regen
12 Unten
13 Immer Da


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