Optimo started a new label called ‘So Low’

The LP is out on June 16th

A subsidiary of the Scottish duo’s Optimo Music label, So Low is named after a club night founded by Keith McIvor, aka JD Twitch, Iona Fortune, Becky Marshall and Katie Shambles as an outlet for the kind of industrial, EBM and cold wave records that they played when McIvor first started DJing in the ’80s.

Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Volumes IV-VI is named for Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook’s studio. The label says the album features the duo “connecting with their cosmic inner selves… banishing demons, devils and ill will,” meant to be listened all the way through for “full salvation.”


A1 432hz Resonant Activation Tone
A2 May You Be The Mother – May You Be The Sun
A3 Full Ashram Emerging Theme
B1 Every Moment Is A Birth
B2 528hz Full Heart Vibration


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