Despite nearly two decades of releasing records, My Heart is the UK veteran’s debut full-length. The 15-track album features Chicago house pioneer Jamie Principle as well as Guy Gerber, Audion and Agoria, and balances “club-ready” tunes with “downtempo tracks for the home listener.”

“The conception of the album started ten years ago,” Fanciulli explains, “and there’s probably been around 300 records written in that time.” It’s due out on his label, Saved Records, and it’s his first new material since releasing official remixes of both Gorillaz and Jamie XX.

Listen to the album cut “Wrong,” featuring Agoria and vocalist JAWand check out the “My Heart” track list below.

1. My Heart (Intro)
2. No Imitations
3. 100mph (Feat. Jamie Principle)
4. Twisted
5. The First Step
6. Wrong (Feat. Agoria & JAW)
7. The Perfect Crime (Feat. Guy Gerber)
8. Resistance (Feat. Audion)
9. My Love
10. I’m Tired (Interlude)
11. After Time
12. Sunshine 101
13. Little L (Feat. Eagles & Butterflies)
14. The Light (Feat. CONSTANCE) (Interlude)
15. First Light (Outro)

Nic Fanciulli will release his first LP, My Heart, on October 20th.


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