House music legend Lil Louis is back again on the music scene, planning to drop six new albums next year.

In 2015, Louis – best known for his 1989 successful hit “French Kiss” – suffered a severe hearing loss when someone allegedly blasted a compressed air horn directly into his ear. After a while, the Chicago-born producer and DJ then confirmed to be deaf in his left ear.

According to Louis, “The compressed air that blasted out was louder and more shrill than anything I’d ever heard. It hurt so bad, I jumped in the air and screamed. The pain was followed by an intense ringing and muffled silence. The left side of the room went dead, and I couldn’t hear anything except that ring.

You can read the full statement below.

But even thought the news was hard to accept, the producer keeps moving forward: “Even if I can only hear with one ear, I’ll play twice as loud, so you can feel it…

Lil Louis’ international tour is landing at Output, in New York, next week, on November 17th (the NYC venue has recently won “Club Of The Year” at The 2017 Electronic Music Awards).

During the “Album Review“, Louis will present some of his new songs, talk about the journey of the albums and, of course, “make you dance and celebrate the history of House Music into the future.

Grab your tickets here!


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