La Chinerie music festival has been successfully crowdfunded with over € 63.447

The first festival launched by an online vinyl community

Online vinyl community will launch its own successfully crowdfunded festival in Paris, La Chinerie, with part of the lineup voted on by the pubic.

The project began with a group of French vinyl collectors who came together on a Facebook group in 2015. Geared towards house, techno, rap and soul music, La Chinerie now has its own online store selling new and used vinyl. The crew also puts on events across France and Western Europe.
They launched a crowdfunding campaign in in March to raise money for a music festival in Paris, and a couple weeks ago it reached €63,447, well over a base goal of €50,000.
Those who submitted to the campaign will be given the opportunity to vote for artists they’d like to see booked, though the festival organizers will decide 40% of the acts thesmelves. Among the aritsts names there are Mall Grab, DJ Sotofett, Move D, Shanti Celeste, Helena Hauff, Tsuzing, Zip and Objekt, though none of these has been confirmed yet.

“We are still a little shaken by the magnitude that the project took and by the stress of the end of crowdfunding,” organizers told RA, “but at this time we are more motivated than ever and we work hard! We are also grateful for the help provided by the contributors, the media, the artists, etc. There are no words to describe our gratitude.”

There is still no date or venue set for La Chinerie yet, though the organizers said they’ll be ready to announce it shortly.


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