We are getting really excited that this year’s EXIT Festival is getting closer and closer and they’ve just announced the final acts on the lineup.

Today’s focus is actually on their pre-party event which happens on Day Zero, which has become a bit of a festival in itself, our favourite stage of last year the No Sleep Novi Sad, will pass through its tunnel and spill over to the neighbouring mts Dance Arena, raising the flag of the first No Sleep Festival at Exit on Wednesday, July 5!

Leading the event there will be the greatest techno icon of all times, Jeff Mills!

Especially for this occasion, the producer will perform a three-hour set which will have its finale with the almost life-changing experience that is globally praised sunrise above the Arena.

He will also be joined by Ellen Alien and two absolute techno champions, Paula Temple and Rebekah.

Among the names already confirmed Fuse and Parisian Concrete including Function, Dax J, Charlotte de Witte, Pierre, Voiski, Antigone, Francois X, Leo Pol, they’ve now released the lineup for London promoters Avant Garde on Saturday, July 8 including seven excellent techno sets by Bjarki, Vatican Shadow, SNTS, Dr. Rubinstein, Monosaccharide, Modulism and Marko Felinger!


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