The party will be back at Ibiza’s Amnesia every Wednesday this summer kicking off on 31st May.

Their mighty trio of residents Loco Dice, Chris Liebing and Pan-Pot, all return in force for multiple dates throughout the summer.

Joinin them there will be Masters At Work, Kenny Dope, Bambounou, Ellen Allien, Matrixxman, Radio Slave, Guti, Gregor Tresher, Monika Kruse, Culoe De Song, Nick Curly, Mathias Kaden, Steve Rachmad, Seb Sito, Archie Hamilton, Rossko, Rich NxT, DeWalta and Cristi Cons, Mar-T, New York veterans Erick Morillo and Danny Tenaglia both making special appearances, and Robert Hood.

Check out the full lineups below!

All facebook events:

HYTE Ibiza Pre-Opening Party, 31st May 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice . Tiga . Benny Rodrigues
Club: Chris Liebing . Pan-Pot . Archie Hamilton . Renato Ratier

HYTE Ibiza Opening Party, 28th June 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice . Kenny Dope . Bambounou
Club: Chris Liebing (Special Opening Set) . Steve Rachmad . Cuartero x Mar-T

HYTE Ibiza, 5th July 2017
Terrace: Pan-Pot . Erick Morillo . Mar-T . Debby Coda
Club: Chris Liebing . Radio Slave . Guti live. Yaya

HYTE Ibiza, 12th July 2017
Terrace: Pan-Pot . Dubfire . Cuartero
Club: Chris Liebing . Robert Hood . Matrixxman . Cirillo

HYTE x FUSE Ibiza, 19th July 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice . Floorplan (Live) . Culoe De Song
Club: Enzo Siragusa . Seb Zito . Rossko

HYTE Ibiza, 26th July 2017
Terrace: Pan-Pot (All Night Long) . Henrik Schwarz (Live)
Club: Chris Liebing . Ellen Allien . Monika Kruse . Cuky

HYTE Ibiza, 2nd August 2017
Terrace: Special Guest TBA . Loco Dice . Enzo Siragusa
Club: Chris Liebing . Henrik Schwarz (Special Techno Set) . Mar-T . Debby Coda

HYTE Ibiza DICE’s Birthday, 9th August 2017
Terrace: Special Guest (TBA) . Loco Dice . Chris Liebing (Special Opening Set)
Club: Cuartero . DeWalta . Tobi Neumann . Yaya x Caleb Calloway

HYTE x FUSE Ibiza, 16th August 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice . Guti live . Yaya x Caleb Calloway . Cuartero
Club: Enzo Siragusa . Dewalta x Cristi Cons . Archie Hamilton

HYTE Ibiza, 23rd August 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice B2B Kenny Dope . Benny Rodrigues
Club: Pan-Pot . Mathias Kaden . Mar-T . Cuky

HYTE Ibiza, 30th August 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice . Tiga . Mar-T
Club: Chris Liebing . ROD . Yaya . Luca Donzelli

HYTE x FUSE Ibiza, 6th September 2017
Terrace: Pan-Pot . Chris Liebing . Cuartero
Club: Enzo Siragusa . Archie Hamilton x Rossko . Ferro

HYTE Ibiza, 13th September 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice . Nick Curly . Bas Ibellini
Club: Chris Liebing (Special Opening Set) . Gregor Treshor live . Mar-T

HYTE Ibiza, 20th September 2017
Terrace: Pan-Pot . Henrik Schwarz (Live) . Benny Rodrigues . Yaya
Club: Chris Liebing . Danny Tenaglia . Monika Kruse . Caleb Calloway

HYTE x FUSE Ibiza, 27th September 2017
Terrace: Dubfire B2B Chris Liebing . Pan-Pot . Luca Donzelli
Club: Enzo Siragusa . Archie Hamilton x Rossko . Seb Zito x Rich NxT

HYTE Ibiza Closing Party, 4th October 2017
Terrace: Loco Dice . Enzo Siragusa . Nick Curly . Benny Rodrigues x Ferro . Yaya x Caleb Calloway
Club: Chris Liebing . Pan-Pot . Cuartero . Cuky x Debbie Coda


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