House Of Frankie meets Siobhan Chevs Walters at Southport Weekender Festival 2017

Siobhan Chevs Walters is one of the hidden stars behind the scenes and one of the organizer and promoter of SUNcéBeat and Southport Weekender Festival.

Here is the interview by our man in London Randy Peterson.

R: Hello and welcome, my name is Randy Peterson, for HOF and I’m here at Southport Weekender, in London, Finsbury Park, and I have been joined by this very special lady, she’s very instrumental within the Southport Weekender, Siobhan Chevs Walters. Thank you for joining us! What do you think of the festival so far?

S: It’s amazing, this has really put Southport Weekender back on the map, really!

R: What’s the feedback from the people around?

S: Everyone is lovin’it, the vibe is there, it’s back to the funniest part in the road. And this is the first festival we have done in 30 years, so it’s a big move for Alex Lowes

R: Yes, and it’s funny ‘cause I did catch Alex earlier and I was trying to find out why the Southport kinda ended, because it was really special.

S: really really special, but people stopped coming in, we don’t know why, but it did, but in the last 2 years the interest is back. We got 11 thousand people out here today, this is the proof. So, yeah, Alex and the Southport Weekender are back.

R: So, I know you are moving on to SuncéBeat now, how is that going?

S: SuncéBeat is flying, we have the best names again this year and it continues to grow, but, what is growing is the European family, not only the UK family, but the European one.

R: Wonderful. And one more question, there’s a new creation, Liverpool Disco Festival, what’s that all about?

S: So, James Morgen, he is the organizer of Liverpool Disco Festival. Alan and Nick Connolly got involved, and a collaboration has been put again and it’s smashin’it. We keep the people happy, both in North Europe and South Europe. And that’s what the family is all about! One family, one love!

R: Wonderful! Thanks for joining us and enjoy yourself. Thank you very much! Cheers!

S: Thank you for having me!



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