House of Frankie meets Giulio Bonaccio at ADE 2016

We had the pleasure to meet Giulio Bonaccio during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016, and had a chat with him.

Giulio Bonaccio was born in Crotone, Calabria, Italy. He started his DJ carrier when he was only 12 years old at Niagara Club in Crotone and working in Southern Italy until 18. Then he started to DJ in many important clubs traveling from northern to southern Italy, he worked in Naples with worldwide renowned promoters “Angels of Love”. In Riccione he joined Maurizio Clemente at “Caus`n` ffect” bringing all the international DJS in Italy and he helped him organizing COCA COLA DJ AWARDS AND WOLKSWAGEN DJ AWARDS, bringing DJs like Victor Simonelli, Tony Humphries, Danny Buddah Morales, Basement Boys, just to name a few of them, in the greatest Clubs in Riccione and later across the country.

In 1990 he moved to London but still traveling back and forth from Riccione. During his permanence in London, he worked as a DJ at the “Equipe Anglaise”. In Late 90′s he produced a series of hits for Victor Simonelli’s West Side Records and Stellar Records.

In 2000 he moved to NYC starting collaborations with Sabrina Johnston for Maurizio Clemente’s “Lift me up”. In NYC he worked as DJ at Le Streghe SOHO, at Boom with Rocco Ancarola, at Tribeca Grand Hotel and Soho Grand Hotel with Tommy Saleh.

In January 2011 together with Maurizio Clemente he organized ITALO HOUSE STORY at Skyroom NYC with very special guests like Tony Humphries, in collaboration with the Art Director Christina Visca and artists like CE CE ROGERS, HEX HECTOR, Ashford and Simpson, Johnny De Mairo and singers like David Walker, Melonie Daniels, Emory Toler, Vicky Martin and many more.

Giulio has never stopped deejaying and following his passion for house music and is now producing full-time for his own label project.


We had the pleasure to meet Giulio Bonaccio during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016, and had a chat with him:

House of Frankie, Amsterdam, ADE 21st edition 2016

We’re here together with Giulio Bonaccio, thank you for being with us.

Hi. How are you doing? Thank you, it’s my pleasure to be here with you.

It’s our pleasure having you here with us. What do you think about this 21st edition of ADE?

For me ADE is the number one conference in the world! It mixes all the genres of house, tech, soul, afro, underground and all the new beats, I’m very happy to be part of it.

Regarding all the events that are taking place during these days, where are you performing?

I played at the Luminaa last night, it was really a nice event. There was Tracy Hamlin singing, she was great as usual, then there was Emory Toler and all the other partners of our radio station, we are a family and I’m very proud of it. We went to The Tara too and it was great! Instead tonight we’re having a reunion, our radio station reunion (I apologize for my English) it’s going to be in a coffee shop and tomorrow night at Casa Musica Day #4 with Maurizio Clemente, Davide Fiorese, Kenny Carpenter, Peppe Citarella and a lot of more deejays.

Many other friends, I guess. Which are your main projects for the future? What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a song called “Unconditionally” with Stephanie Cook and Melonie Daniels Walker first duet is afro gospel. A lot of people ask me to play afro because it’s the new influence, it can be afro, a touch of soul, a touch of jazz, a touch of gospel, you create your own music, your own genre,  as long as it’s music and live, no loops.

One last thing, we are House of Frankie, a new Underground Radio from Italy, what do you think about it?

House of Frankie number  1! I love Alessandro, we are very good friends we’ve known each other for years. I’ve been a deejay for more than 30 years and I’m very honoured for that and to see that you have gained experience after years and years, but there’s always something to learn with the new tech and the old school, analog, digital, the best way is to have the right sounds. We’re also working with Mark Di Meo another brother, with Soulstice Music, Gerardo Smedile “my comparuzzo”, “Unconditionally” will come out with that. I have another song that will come after with Aaron K Gray following “Funky Praise” with Kenny Carpenter.

“House of Frankieeee” number one! Thank you, thank you to Alessandro! It was a pleasure.

Thank you to Giulio for being with us.



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