House of Frankie meets Andrea Pellizzari and Mavee at ADE 2016

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 we had the pleasure to meet Andrea Pellizzari and Mavee and had a chat with them.

Andrea Pellizzari is an Italian Dj, Tv Host, Comedian and Producer. Irony and eclecticism are just two of Andrea’s best qualities. In fact a bright career as a famous Deejay has been his second and very successful path. He performed in the most important Italian and Balearics clubs (Amnesia – Ibiza, Privilege – Ibiza, Pineta – Formentera) as starting work experience, which later became a constant feature of his career.

Matteo Saverio Cacciola aka Mavee or Matt Sawyer is a young DJ / Producer in the “Fashion House”. He was Born in Calabria, Italy, but after graduating from High School he moved to Milan where he began to collaborate with maestro Raffaele Cacciola improving his knowledge and techniques in the classical and chamber music fields. From 2008 he has been played in the Milan club circuit (The Club, Byblos, Divina, Tocqueville13, Old Fashion). Mavee’s sound that is a mix of old school and electronic music comes from a deep influence from the the 90s House scene.

Here our short interview:

House of Frankie, Amsterdam ADE 21st Edition 2016, we are here together with Andrea Pellizzari and Mavee, thank you for being with us!

Thank you!

So how is it going this 21st edition of ADE?

I think it’s really a big opportunity for producers and deejays, but I think something is changing in the music and electronic world and what’s funny is that when something is changing you don’t know where we are going.  So it’s exciting to understand and to find the right music direction. Now everything is pop from the EDM to the typical electronic music so what is Underground is coming out again and house music is a big part of nightlife and so for us it’s a big pleasure to be part of it because we love House Music.

Regarding to all the several events that are going to take place during these days, where can we find you? Where are you playing or simply taking part?

We had fun in a lot of places, because here there is a party every 5 minutes so it’s impossible to be everywhere. But I think one of the bests was Denny Howard, he plays very good music and we like how he plays it, he’s really nice! Then we went to Lulu Player, Sharam Jey, Colombo, the Bunny Tiger crew, mostly everything that is House Music. In Amsterdam there are very very small clubs with consoles bigger than  rooms and dance floors and it’s funny because the Deejays play and act like if they were in a big space. So it’s really nice to listen to all these deejays, to meet people and talk about music.

Nice! So one last question, would you like to tell us about your next projects, something you’re working on right now?

So me and Mavee, who is a very good producer and deejay, are coming out tomorrow with a new track featured with Maria Angeli; then Mavee also known as Matt Sawyer is coming out with “Boh” a nice and strange tech house track, I love it! And then there is “Avilo” featured with Airbas, a new young label that we found around Italy, actually we come from Italy but I think our sound is international. “Avilo” has a good move, good vibrations so I think it’s going to be an amazing track.

Wow, amazing. Thank you so much to Andrea Pellizzari and Mavi for being with us hope to see you on House of Frankie.

Thank you House of Frankie.


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