Have A Look At Moog’s New Minimoog Model D App For iOS Here!

The world’s first portable synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D, has now its official iPhone and iPad app.

Moog’s iconic analog synth Minimoog Model D is now an official iPhone and iPad app.

Optimized for use on all 64-bit iOS devices, the new app looks and sounds very faithful to the original synthesizer – which was first launched in 1970 – but incorporates a lot of new features like four-note polyphony, an arpeggiator, a real time looping recorder, a tempo-synchronizable stereo ping pong delay module and a time modulation effect called Bender. The Minimoog Model D App comes also with an AUv3 Audio Unit support for using it with compatible iOS apps like Apple’s GarageBand.

Over the years, many unofficial clones and software emulations have surfaced on the market, such as Arturia’s Mini V, NI’s Monark and even the controversial Behringer D. “There’s a reason why we waited so long to bring out this app,Geert Bevin, iOS Product Manager and Software Engineering Lead at Moog, stated in an interview with FACT.It is a very iconic synthesizer for us. It really was the first keyboard synthesizer that was portable, had that sound, made [synthesis] accessible to everyone and we wanted to be sure that we would be able to completely nail it both in terms of sounds and feel. I will not comment on the quality of the others but what I can say is that we’ve worked very hard both on the visual interaction elements and also the sonic fidelity of the app compared to the real deal.

The Minimoog Model D App is available on the App Store now for an introductory price of $4.99.

Ships with over 160 presets (Hundreds more available in the Minimoog Model D App Store)
Up to 4-notes of polyphony
Easily share presets and audio recordings with friends
Arpeggiator module with note-hold capability
Stereo ping-pong delay effect
Bender time modulation effect
Real-time looping recorder with overdub and immediate sharing
Selectable envelope shapes and triggering behavior
Effortless MIDI CC mapping
Seamlessly backup presets to iCloud
Play mode for easier panel and keyboard interaction
A new take on the classic feedback/overload path

All 64-bit iOS devices
AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions (Including GarageBand)
Note-per-channel MIDI controllers (MPE)
Ableton Link
Inter-App Audio and Audiobus
7 and 14-Bit MIDI
MIDI Program Changes
Bluetooth LE MIDI controllers
Share over AirDrop, Mail or other iOS applications


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