Ellen Allien Featured in Anthony Bourdain’s Latest Episode in Berlin

Anthony Bourdain, the American celebrity chef, author, travel documentarian and Emmy-winning television personality, passed away Friday morning of an apparent suicide at the age of 61.

In the first posthumously aired episode of his renowned culinary travelog ‘Parts Unknown‘, Bourdain sat down with techno DJ Ellen Allien to discuss about Berlin’s underground music scene and its history.

I think after the second war, everything was burned here. There was nothing… Everything was gone, all the history. So, people start building up the new Berlin or whatever, and we are still in that process. And when you come here, you have the feeling that you have to help build something here,” Allien explained.

During his trip to Berlin, Bourdain also spoke with other several photographers and artists such as the frontman for the rock band Brian Jonestown Massacre, Anton Newcombe, and more.

You can watch Ellen with Bourdain at minute 8:00.

Head here for further details.


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