Ellen Allien is releasing her first solo EP outside of her BPitch Control imprint in two decades. ‘Take A Stand’ is due out on Boddika‘s Nonplus Records on August 31st.

The title track starts off as a sparse basement banger but slowly escalates into an acidic anthem before subtly changing its course once more towards the end. On the b-side, ‘Trigger’ takes us into an equally hypnotising trip down the wormhole of contemporary rave culture, combining a hard-hitting groove with a muffled, bouncing acid bassline. On ‘Flying Objects’, Ellen Allien uses her voice to round off what could just well be the official musical manifesto for what she usually refers to “space techno”, a  colourful, futurist statement that leaves no ass unshaken.

My own history and experiences in the Techno scene inspired me to motivate people to stand up for what they think, for their opinions and rights A lot of people say that Techno isn’t political, but why not? It can be political of course,” revealed Ellen Allien.

Listen to clips from ‘Take A Stand‘ EP below!


A1. Take A Stand
B1. Trigger
B2. Flying Objects


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