Don’t DJ (Florian Meyer) has folded his Diskant label in favour of a new one called Disk. The German producer collaborated with psytrance act Paraklang for the first release.

The German producer made a name for himself thanks to an innovative production style combining physical modeling, exotic influences and hard-to-pin-down Euclidean rhythms. The Durian Brothers member is back as one-half of Paradon’t, a duo with psytrance artist Parakland (Volker Wiesmann).

Don’t DJ says he and Parakland “met repeatedly in a studio on the beautiful heights of the Black Forest in southern Germany,” to make the just-released Thrd Mpct EP. He says the result is “outlandish and it’s dance music!”

The now defunct Diskant mostly focused on music from The Durian Brothers trio as a group and Meyer’s solo music. Meyer also shared a video for a Durian Brothers track off the final Diskant release, a split with French experimentalist High Wolf.


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