Based in Southern Italy and launched in 2013 by Dodi Palese and Musumeci, Engrave LTD is certainly among the best and most promising labels of techno and underground scene.

The first various artists compilation entitled Engrave Ltd Vol. 1, is out today and it features nine distinctive tracks that showcase the diversity of the label’s sound through tracks from artists such as Zopelar, Davis, Human Machine, Ekz, Rancido, ENZO ELIA, Gallo, Sisio, Carlos, Musumeci and Dodi Palese.

Musumeci opens the list with ‘Funi’ and its mixture of pulsating bassline, bells arp and melodic textures twisted by a little acid flavour.


Zopelar delivers ‘Nevoa’, a track full of gothic suggestions characterized by the perfect combination between a house old school beats and a modern melodic techno structure.

Ekz is the first of the three artists doing their debut in this ‘various’. His contribute ‘Silver Cage’ develops its structure around an hypnotic arp synth hook running on top of a rolling bassline and supported by a solid groove that makes everything fit for the dancefloor.

Human Machine ‘Elena’ turns things into a deeper atmosphere with its soft chord progression builded around a very intense break while Dodi Palese’s flowing melodies makes ‘Agulhas’ a psychedelic deep house trip.

Dodi Palese

Rancido’s ‘Euphoria’ is a delicate interlace between arps and charming esoteric sounds representing the most intimate moment of the selection.

Enzo Elia presents Gallo ‘Zutaten’, a composition rooted into the balearic sound with an electro touch addition while Sisio’s debut ‘Out Of Place’ explores the more melodic territories of the contemporary ‘synth music’.

The closing slow tempo tune ‘Moonball’ it comes from Carlos, the third and last debutting artists, and it is about spacey arp boogie.

Engrave Ltd Vol. 1 is now available on Beatport



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