Detroit Swindle present their new studio album, “High Life”, due on May 28th via the duo’s label Heist Recordings. The release will coincide with the fifth anniversary of the label.

The Dutch duo’s sound quickly increased popularity for its mix of soul and rhythm, taking cues from their passion for obscure records, with influences ranging from house and funk to afrobeat and soul.

Dales and Smeets describe their album as an “electronic album with a live approach, combining our love for house, ambient and jazzy harmonics, making it a record interesting for the club, as well as a pleasant album to put on at home.“.

The album features collaborations with Tom Misch and vocals of gospel singer Seven Davis Jr. The duo will be also accompanied on their live shows by their “third member” Lorenz Rhode.

High Life will be preceded by the Flavourism single due on April, combining the Seven Davis Jr. collaboration with two remixes from Pépé Bradock and another from John Barera & Will Martin.

Listen and download High Life here.

Listen to Flavourism below!

High Life‘s tracklist 

1 Ketama Gold
2 High Life ft. Lorenz Rhode
3 Call Of The Wild ft. Jungle by Night
4 Yes, No Maybe ft. Tom Misch
5 The Girl From Shiraz
6 Flavourism ft. Seven Davis Jr.
7 Freeqy Polly
8 Ex Machina
9 Cut U Loose
10 Lucky Number 13


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