Cassy’s Kwench Records Announces Its Next Release, ‘Fusion’ EP

Due out on September 28th, the forthcoming EP goes in big as it features nine producers with six of those collaborating.

Cassy‘s imprint Kwench Records has announced its seventh release, Fusion EP.

Each of the previous six releases have been a series of tight collaborations between two producers, plus one remix artist. The forthcoming EP, which is due out on September 28th, goes in big as it features nine producers with six of those collaborating; from esteemed Canadian pioneer Jay Tripwire, to Philadelphia deep house veteran Pete Moss and breakthrough names in the underground like Romania’s Paco Wegmann, and more.

The six-tracker is also the first to introduce Demuir – the first producer signed to Kwench – as the head of A&R.

Considered one of the most respected underground producers working now, the Canadian producer matches Cassy for having a deep knowledge in house and techno genres.

Kwench Records’ ethos is to highlight club-focussed beats from across the house and techno spectrum. Following that core tenet, we went with more artists on this EP to get a solid mix of fresh and different sounds in these genres, and to showcase what we enjoy playing to clubbers as DJs. All of the producers on this EP have a strong commitment to underground music with a fresh perspective that they consistently deliver in their releases,” says Demuir.

Pre-order it here and check out the tracklist below!

01. Avision ‘Hot Keys’
02. Ivaylo ‘Marcel’s Vista’
03. Jay Tripwire ‘W4tch1ng’
04. Paco Wegmann and Hector Moralez ‘Zippers’
05. Pete Moss and Onur Ozman ‘Sad To Think’
06. Sisto and Jack District ‘Alright’


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