In a recent interview with Mixmag, Carl Cox has spoken about the current state of Ibiza and how he thinks it will cope now Space has closed.

Ahead of the release of ‘Pure Intec 3’, mixed by Cox and Jon Rundell, the 15-year Space resident told us that rising prices in Ibiza are making it difficult for the island to maintain its status as the number one summer spot for ravers.

“It’s slipping,” he said. “The crown of that [being number one] is slipping. I just think when you have something so good for so long, if you’re up the top, the only way you can go is down.

“Ibiza’s become so expensive for everybody. The taxis are expensive, the hire cars are expensive, the restaurants are expensive, getting into certain nightclubs is expensive. If you’re not rich, no one can afford to have a really good time anymore like you used to in the old days.”

Citing Croatia and Romania as places with the potential to become the next premier party destinations, he added that people will follow where the big DJs go and enjoy a sense of “mystery” and not knowing what’s happening.

“Ibiza’s not like that anymore. You know exactly what nights are happening and the DJs [that are playing]. You come out of it and think ‘Jesus, I’ve spent all that money and, actually, the night wasn’t that great.'”

However, he did say that Ibiza will turn a corner following the closure of Space, which is to be overtaken by the Ushuaïa owners, and that “the new kings will emerge”.

Those hoping that our June cover star will launch another residency on the White Isle will be disappointed as he says “I am done with a residency”, instead opting to play a few parties and guesting over the course of next season.

Read our interview with him in full here, in which he also talks about a potential Space venue in San Antonio, this season’s raids and his relationship with Space’s Pepe Rosello.

‘Pure Intec 3’ is out via Intec Digital on November 11


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