After the announcements about Maceo Plex’ appearance at the Rijksmuseum and the ADE Playground art route, it is time to focus on yet another cool addition to ADE’s Playground.

In a new and experimental concept, Red Bull At Night Playrooms will be combining scene legends with artists and scientists looking into the future of club culture through multi-sensory disciplines and combining diciplines like wearable technology with food design, 4D soundscapes and more.

Borre Akkersdijk, the man behind BYBORRE; one of the leading figures in the international textile scene and pushing the boundaries of wearable technology, will be looking to combine multi-sensory inputs during the two nights of Red Bull At Night Presents Playrooms. “A club is an experience that’s all about the senses — so that’s exactly what we decided to focus on, with technology as the sixth sense,” says Borre. Throughout the experiment he will team-up with scene legend Mr. Wix and a team of artists, scientists and other experts to create the ultimate multi-sensory experiences. “Instead of moving people around with huge signs, we’ll steer them with light or sound. For example, if your bracelet lights up and turns green, you know you should go to the green area.”

Across the two nights, Borre will work with experts from several fields including; Milanese chef Misha Sukyas who will provide mind-blowing tastes, light designer Meeus van Dis, design collective La Bolleur who will provide the visual stimuli and a French perfume designer to stimulate the nose. 4D Sounds and King Shiloh Sound systems will be providing the audio while textile studio BYBORRE will be busy with touch.

“With the team we will shape our vision of club culture, with the focus on the visitor,” explains Mr. Wix. “This way Red Bull At Night Playrooms will be turned into a social experiment and gives us the opportunity to push boundaries and question the way we form ‘club experiences’ in the digital era.”

Red Bull At Night Playrooms will take place on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st October. The event will take place in a top secret location and the line up is yet to be announced.

Red Bull at Night Playrooms
Dates: 20, 21st October, 2016
Time: 5 PM – 11 PM
Venue: Secret Location
(invite only)


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