After the announcements about ADE Next and the ADE Playground art route, it is now time to focus on ADE Sound Lab, the conference covering everything about art, sound and technology and the dedicated place for those of you interested in innovative ways to produce sound.

If you plan on visiting ADE’s Festival or Playground make sure to grab the annual ADE Card, which gives you tons of advantages instantly.

In partnership with Creative Industries Fund NL, this year’s theme is ‘Frequencies’, translating light into sound while also exploring the basis of what constitutes sound itself, where a selection of audio-visual projects by talented artists will be presented during the event. The Compagnietheater will once again be at the heart and centre of Sound Lab, with many tech company’s showcasing their products -of which include Ableton, Roland, Native Instruments- will provide demonstrations throughout the festival.

The full program for ADE Sound Lab has been completed, comprising of art installations, performances and talks. See below for more or take a look at the full program.

Field of Frequencies Installation
With a musical score composed by Joe Claussell, alongside a revolutionary LED environment produced by Lidy Six, the immersive installation will explore the relationship between sound and light during the opening hours of DROOG. If its anything like any of their previous collaborations, this will be a highlight not to be missed.
Wednesday October 19 – Sunday October 23
Hôtel Droog, 10 AM – 7 PM
Free entrance

Modular Maze
Bastl Instruments, Birdkids, Erica Synths, Liine &, Livestock Electronics, MFB and Verbos will all be hand displaying their latest wares while product experts will be hand to showcase how the latest technological products function.
Thursday October 20 – Saturday October 22
Compagnietheater, 12 AM – 7 PM

Modular Night
Winding up the Modular Markets will be an event of high-end, technological wizardry courtesy of Mark Verbos, HRTL, Kodek & MFB on the Friday, while on Saturday, Kubus, Allert Aalders, Colin Benders & Sjamsoedin will be performing.
Friday October 21 – Saturday October 22
Compagnietheater, 8 PM – 11 PM

ADE Sound Lab presents: Cinechine (Installation)
Cinematic projection instruments convert rushing, graphic patterns into sound vibrations, in a way that blends the patterns together of time, rhythm, light and sound. It provides a fascinating and unique perspective on the relationship between frequencies.
Thursday October 20 – Saturday October 22
STEIM Foundation, 10 AM – 7 PM

ADE MusicTalks
Of some of the many MusicTalks happening, Joe Claussell will discuss his latest installation piece, whileFrancesco Tristano will discuss his new project, P:anorig on Thursday. On Friday, Masterminds will be on hand to discuss how he collaborates, Octave One will give a demonstration of their live set-up techniques, Richie Hawtinand Matador will showcase the latest MODEL1 Mixer while Daniel Miller will discuss modulars.
Thursday October 20 – Saturday October 22
Free access for ADE Card holders (limited capacity!)

Photo credits: Tom Doms


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