Alan Fitzpatrick‘s label We Are The Brave is stepping up the game with a collaboration between the label’s owner himself and the master of DJing Sasha.

Titled ‘El Jefe‘, the track will be released in two versions on December 8th.

Fitzpatrick said himself thrilled to work with Sasha and claimed himself a fan of the Welsh DJ. ‘I have been a Sasha fan for some time, so for this collab to now be actually happening and for it to have come together pretty quickly, […] just goes to show that dreams can come true if you want them bad enough.’

Speaking of the EP, Alan said “It was great to collaborate with Alan, we kept going back and forth, sharing ideas, trying different melodies, synths and beats. We were struggling to decide on a final version. In the end we just couldn’t choose, so decided to release both.

The second selection of the track is already available on Soundcloud, listen to it below!


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