AIAIAI teamed up with Spotify and Moodagent to help people find the perfect TMA-2 headphone configuration to suit their tastes.

TMA-2 Discovery, “an interactive, music-driven experience”, is a new function on company’s website. Spotify uses data from users’ Discover Weekly playlist in order to determine their listening tastes, and Moodagent examines track data to decode emotional and musical aspects in individual playlists. This information is then coupled with sound profile information of AIAIAI modular combinations, and these tastes are matched to the ideal TMA-2 headphones configuration.

AIAIAI CEO Frederik Jorgensen said: “All of that choice can be overwhelming, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for already. What if your taste in music – and the data from that – could help you narrow it down and decide on the perfect headphones for you?”.

AIAIAI’s new leader product, the TMA-2 Modular Headphone System, has over 1000 configurations, enabling a customized listening experience of individuals’ preferences.

Head to AIAIAI’s website to test it out.


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