Ableton has purchased Cycling ‘74, the team behind Max and Max for Live software, one of the world’s most popular visual programming languages for building software instruments.

The two companies have always worked closely since the late 2000s, when they began work on Max for Live, a tool that allows anyone to create instruments for the Live environment.

It’s about the continuation of Cycling as it has always been—the same people, products, customers, vision, and so forth,” Cycling ‘74 founder David Zicarelli told Create Digital Music. “But it makes it easier to essentially be on the same side as Ableton in anything that we do together. From the perspective of anyone dealing with Cycling ’74, I can’t imagine that anything really changes.

The idea behind Ableton acquiring Cycling ‘74 would be deeper integration between the two companies in order to work in a more coordinated way.

Also, Ableton’s annual Loop summit will take place in Berlin from November 10-12, where more details of their new partnership are not excluded.


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