Stewart Wilson is back on Ametist Records with a new EP titled ‘Walking Down The Lane‘.

Pulsing‘, ‘Siderus‘ and ‘Walking Down The Lane‘, the three original mixes in this pack, are characterized by crispy and hypnotic grooves, tantalizing vocals and nasty percussions.
The album also includes a remix by the label owner Thorsten Hammer together with Ben Muetsch: their collaboration led to a one-of-a-kind reinterpretation of the title track matching deep percussions and a dry groove with a laid-back attitude.

Listen to ‘Walking Down The Lane‘ EP below.

01. Walking Down The Lane (Original Mix)
02. Walking Down The Lane (Thorsten Hammer & Ben Muetsch Remix)
03. Siderus (Original Mix)
04. Pulsing (Original Mix)


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