SFV Acid breaks the two years silence with New Album Sense(sore)

The California producer's first LP in two years is out this Friday

SFV Acid has a new album called Sense(sore) on the way.

Zane Reynolds has been one of the Los Angeles scene’s more eccentric personalities, releasing a string of house and techno albums with humorous themes and strange artwork. From this point of view Sense(sore) won’t be different.

It’s the San Fernando Valley resident’s first solo album since 2015’s 818: Vol. 2 Trill, and it comes in the wake of last year’s split LP with Legowelt and Haron, along with the Trill Tracks cassette on his SFV Records label. The imprint is putting out Sense(sore), but we will have to wait for more details. In the meanwhile you can listen to the track “Mythscene” below.


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