After the huge success of his ‘Despertar‘ LP release, Piek is back again to deliver two separate ‘Despertar‘ remixed EP’s in late June (with new interpretations of Henry Saiz, Eelke Klejin, El_Txef_A, AFFKT, Reykjavik606, Upercent, Carlo and Third Son) and then, a full-packed album this Fall 2017 including another couple of unpublished reworks.
Part 1
First stop is for the Spaniard Henry Saiz making the cut entitled ‘Despertar‘, where armoured drums, a thick sub, dark voices and a hallucinogenic synth riff melt into each other. Henry Saiz‘s remix is followed by El_Txef_A and his rework for ‘Avalanche‘. El_Txef_A work is all about a brooding electronic landscape of techno. Third Son remixes ‘Sou Les Etoiles‘, a brand new remix full of utopianesque soundscapes and drum machine filled sequences. Closing this first circle, some trippy sounds and smooth drum patterns on ‘I Saw You‘ reworked by the hardware-junkies duo Reykjavik606.
Release date: 23rd of June.
Part 2
On the ‘side B‘ another bunch of great artists and their re-interpretations. The first to make his appearance is the Dutch composer Eelke Klejin on ‘Avalanche‘. Sincopat‘s patron AFFKT is the next to redesign an original cut. Upercent remixes ‘Breathe‘ implementing lively bass drones. And finally, ‘I Saw You‘ this time reinvented by Carlo.
Release date: 30th of June.



Remixes Part 1
1) Despertar (Henry Saiz Remix)
2) Avalanche (El Txef A’s Barne Bakarrizketa)
3) Sou Les Etoiles (Third Son Remix)
4) I Saw You (Reykjavik606 Remix)
Remixes Part 2
1) Avalanche (Eelke Klejin Remix)
2) Despertar (AFFKT Remix)
3) Breathe (Upercent Remix)
4) I Saw You (Carlo Remix)


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