Peggy Gou is the latest to jump aboard the electronic music meets fashion train, announcing that she’ll launch her fashion line Kirin next year in collaboration with New Guard Group, a high end fashion production house.

As is usually the case with Gou’s work, everything is mixed heavily with her Korean culture, Kirin being derivative of the word for giraffe, her favourite animal.

In an interview with i-D, the stylish Korean superstar discussed how the New Guards Group approached her after she performed at an Off-White brand event last year and asked her to create a brand consisting of items that she would wear.

When I first started DJing I wanted to look as serious as possible,” says Gou. “I used to dress up in just a white t-shirt and denim but now I know fashion is just part of me.

She’s also let on that she will be starting her own music label Gudu a cheeky abbreviation for ‘Peggy Gou Does’. She plans to use the platform to support promising Asian artists while giving them the opportunity to play abroad.

Listen to Peggy Gou’s latest music:


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