NYC Record Store Turntable Lab Launches Limited Edition Keith Haring Merch Collection

When Art meets Music.

NYC record shop Turntable Lab has payed homage to Keith Haring by creating a new DJ accessories and clothing collection featuring the work of the iconic artist and social activist.

The limited edition collection – slip maps and t-shirts – are conceived in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation, a benefit project that “perpetuates Haring’s artistic and philanthropic legacy through the preservation and circulation of his artwork and archives, and by providing grants to children in need and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Turntable Lab’s Andrew Jernigan says: “The project was 2 years in the making, officially licensed from the Keith Haring Foundation, who are great people and a pleasure to work with. As a DJ store first and foremost, we felt obligated to the do the Robot DJ shirt, such an iconic piece of DJ artwork.” He then adds: “The Astor Place design is inspired by the launch of the new Turntable Lab storefront location in the East Village, just around the corner from the Astor Place subway stop and the iconic Astor Place ‘cube.’ The artwork was originally a subway art piece from Paris Metro (hence the tagline). Also the subject matter feels so relevant today.

Check out the collection in the video below!

Head here for more info.

[Via: The Vinyl Factory]


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