A new club is opening in London, The Cause, and it’ll be “a 100% grass roots, arts & events space supporting dance culture, London nightlife, independent business and positive mental health“.

The venue is an old car mechanics depot in Tottenham now part of Down Lane Studios, and it’s a 400 capacity space. It’ll feature a world-class DJ booth in the centre of dancefloor, 5am license, the first custom-built Core sound-system and a membership scheme that aims to raise over £25.000 for The Cause’s charity partners in its first 12 months of opening, aiming also to raise £30,000 via Indie Go Go to see it through to completion.

The Cause will open its doors on April 13th to celebrate the crowdfunder, and to give the chance to show, the currently raw space, to the buying public. The opening party will feature a surprise set from mysterious Tusk Wax, plus more acts yet to be announced. Moreover the party will be completely free for anyone who signs up here and arrives early doors.

The goal of the owner is to create a totally independent, self-built arts and event space with a world renowned sound system and a large focus on local community, with an optional 200 capacity second room for larger events.

The benefits of this crowdfunding campaign include recording a mix in the club, £100 worth of drinks for £50, over half price membership for 12 months and £100 for entry to every event for 12 months. As well as 40% of the revenues will go to mental health charities, since 1 in 4 of people in the UK are affected by mental illness. 35-50% of people across the world that have mental health problems don’t get help, and musicians are 3 times more likely to suffer depression and anxiety than the general public and this topic is becoming a major talking point within the music industry.


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