Early on monday morning clubbers at Manchester’s Factory 251 saw the venue’s ceiling fall down on the dance floor and were forced to hold it up with their own hands.

Factory 251 has had issues with the same section of the ceiling before. In 2014, indeed, 850 people were evacuated from the four-story building and seven people ended up in the hospital with minor injuries. Thankfully this time no one was injured during the fall.

The same section that came loose on this exact weekend two years ago,” The venue explained. “At this stage we are uncertain how or why, because there is no structural issue. No one was hurt and the club was evacuated purely as a precaution.

“We were all dancing and we just suddenly had this wooden ceiling panel fall on our heads,” Club goer Tom Foster told Manchester Evening News. “As soon as the ceiling fell, all the lights smashed and fell on everyone. There was crying and screaming, we were just standing there holding it up, with half the room in darkness.”


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