2016 has seen many of the industries top creators roll out a number of new products and though KORG had already introduced three new synthesizers back in September, they’re back with more this November.

Originally, KORG’s September announcement featured the Volca Kick, the new MicroKORG and the Odyssey desktop. All three machines were impressive for what they could do – but KORG wasn’t finished with just three introductions in the closing months of 2016 and have now welcomed 3 more synthesizers which will top off an impressive year of new products.

One of the three new products being introduced is the ARP ODYSSEi. Though it may not be a stand-alone machine, the new iPhone/iPad app which is a replicate of the analog synthesizer is now available as a portable option which will include voice assigning technology. This means you will be able to speak into your iPhone or iPad while using the ARP ODYSSEi and it will in turn play chords or even act as an arpeggiator, much like a step sequencer would.


The second product being introduced by KORG is the 61-key analog modelling synth, The KingKORG Black. Though the synth does not offer any new features then what has already been conceived in the last model, the newsleek Black (and white) shell will be sold with only a 150 units available for purchase.


Last but not least is the KORG monologue. Available in 5 colours, the monologue is a mono unit featuring a 2-pole VCF, E-E key bed and micro tuning capabilities. The monologue seems to be an extension of the minilogue which was released earlier this year, the main difference being the minilogue is polyphonic.


All 3 units are priced under $500 and the market for affordable analogue synthesizers officially continues to grow in a great way.

Find more about these synthesizers on more by visiting KORG


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