Produced With Love is the extraordinary new album from UK legend Joey Negro, the first album in more than 20 years. A disco-inspired album that offers welcome relief from the grey-faced march of modern club music.

“I was 13 when I first heard “Boogie Nights” by Heatwave on a children’s TV show called Multicoloured SwapShop and it started a love affair with disco music that has lasted all my life. There’s so much to love in disco. 40 years later I still hear plenty of sample tracks based around disco records but what I don’t come across much of is actual original new material made to the disco blueprint” Joey Negro says.

The LP will see release on the UK disco head’s own label, Z Records. It’s only the second album from Joey Negro, aka Dave Lee, though he’s overseen a huge number of compilations and remix albums. Produced With Love contains a fully orchestrated disco rework of Kraftwerk’s “It’s More Fun To Compute.” It also features vocal contributions from disco and R&B big names such as Melba Moore, Linda Clifford, Diane Charlemagne, the English singer who died in 2015.

“Unfortunately between starting and finishing the project the supremely talented Diane Charlemagne, the singer/songwriter who I co-wrote many songs with over last ten years, very sadly passed away,” Lee says. “We had a great working relationship, which was both fun and honest. Most of my final collaborations with Diane, ‘Overnight Sensation,’ ‘Prove That You’re Feeling Me’ and the partly re-written remake of ‘Must Be The Music,’ are on this album.”

Produced With Love is out 30 June on Z Records.

01. Prove That You’re Feeling Me feat. Diane Charlemagne
02. Free Bass feat. Julian Crampton
03. Won’t Let Go feat. Linda Clifford
04. Dancing Into The Stars feat. Horse Meat Disco and Angela Johnson
05. It’s More Fun To Compute
06. Must Be The Music (The Original Disco Version) feat. Diane Charlemagne
07. Stomp Your Feet
08. Anyway feat. Melba Moore
09. Distorting Space Time
10. Overnight Sensation feat. Diane Charlemagne
11. I Realise feat. Sacha Williamson

‘Won’t Let Go feat. Linda Clifford’ is out now.

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