House Of Frankie Meets Hector Romero at ADE 2017

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 we had the pleasure to meet the extraordinaire DJ Hector Romero.

Hector Romero’s intro into the DJ world began at the age of 13. Then nicknamed “DJ Baby Hec,” the Bronx native landed his first job at La Mirage, known at the time as one of the hottest dance clubs in The Bronx. Hector was soon spinning at a number of downtown Manhattan clubs including Save the Robots, Palladium and The Roxy as well as The Red Zone where he met & eventually became David Morales’ opening DJ.

When Hector interacts with his crowd you realize how much passion he has for his craft. He is considered a DJ’s DJ and a significant player in the music industry. It is his eclectic taste that sets him apart from his peers.

As an A&R exec for Def Mix Music and Saw Recordings, Hector works closely with his Def Mix counterparts and Saw’s Satoshi Tomiie to sign some of the finest Dance Music around. With 30+ years of experience as a DJ in addition to his experience as a label exec, Hector is now throwing his musical diversity and eclectic taste into the remix/production arena. Collaborations are in the works with Satoshi, Quentin Harris & his idol David Morales. Expect to hear musical productions that will cement his legacy in Dance Music.

Hector spends a great deal of time traveling and DJ’ing around the world too. He can be found stirring up dance floors in Italy, Greece, Japan, Spain and various parts of the world.

As he says, “I want to contribute to the success of Dance Music around the world and I will always wave the House Music flag proudly.

We had a conversation with Hector Romero just after his wonderful DJset (have a look at the pics and videos below) at our party with Soulstice Music at The Tara, during Amsterdam Dance Event 2017.

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House of Frankie, Amsterdam, ADE 22nd edition 2017.

Good evening everyone, my name is Randy Peterson from House of Frankie. I’m here at 2017 ADE Festival in Amsterdam and I have been joined by super DJ and producer Hector Romero. How are you doing Sir?

It’s a pleasure Randy and a pleasure to be here with you guys, House of Frankie. This is really inspirational to be here tonight with you guys. Thank you for having me! As always, having a good time!

Thank you for joining us!

And respect to you for a proper good set before me! Respect!

Thank you so much!! I was gonna say how did your DJ set go, how do you feel it went?

I enjoyed it but it was totally really high in here and I mean it is a good thing!

Oh yeah definitely! I mean, the people loved it as you saw!

Yeah, I’m pleased to be here! I’ve been coming to Amsterdam for about 15 years now and it just gets better, better and better and as you can see the music is just really growing. As for us, in America, we need this, while in Europe you guys you got it, you guys breath, eat and dance electronic and house music! However, in America we need an extra little home, so to have a show like House of Frankie spreading in the world is really crucial to all we wanna do.

I really understand you!

Thank you!

So, tell me, what are you gonna be playing while you are here?

To be honest, this is it! I’m an honoured guest! Hanging out tonight… this is my only gig this week. So, just hang out and then the rest of the week, I’m gonna be doing a lot of meetings, working with my distributors, working with my lawyers … definitely a lot of networking! People that I talk on the internet during the day but I want to see face-to-face, that’s why is good to be coming out here. You get to see people face-to-face and that’s the beauty about ADE, you get to have business and the pleasure at night. We had this many years ago at Winter Music Conference in Miami, but now at this conference you don’t get really any business, really no business done. It’s all about parties now, it’s more a music festival now. So, ADE is really important for us, to do some good networking, meeting people like yourself and having a really good time!

So, tell me Hector, I know you have been doing this for a very long time. Could you tell us how you kinda got into DJing and producing?

This is my 34th year DJing. I started when I was 13 years-old, I’m an original hip hop DJ from the Bronx. I’m a boy raised in the Bronx, a lot of people know that, but it just came gradually, like a snowball. So, I just kinda went from being just as a young boy in the Bronx playing music. There, you were either a DJ, a break dancer, sports or selling drugs. Luckily, I got the DJing thing! I started in 1983 and it has just never stopped since. I don’t know how to do anything else, I just love what I do, I don’t take it for granted. I would say to young generations, respect your craft, love your craft and know your music and I’d say you have a good time and entertain people. So, for me since 1983 I’ve been playing music and it just gets better and better.

Oh yes! So now tell me, what are your plans for after ADE, so for your next couple of months, next year? I know you do a lot of work with Def Mix!

Oh yeah, actually, good question! Normally, like in the summer time I just came off a beautiful tour in Europe, which is really amazing. I live in New York as you know, so now in November I’m gonna be doing a North American tour. I’m doing a lot of Canada, Stereo in Montreal, Toronto, playing in Ottawa, so Canada it’s like my second home, I love them! Well the Mercury Lounge, in Ottawa, Stereo Montreal and a new place called The Loft in Toronto. So that’s all in November and then playing in New York, my home base, which is always fun in New York.

And what about production? I know you do work with Def Mix.

Yeah! Well, to be honest, I do very little production, a lot of people know that but I deal more with the business side. I’m taking care of what’s coming out from Morales, Quentin Harris and my whole gang. So, we got a new production with Janice Robinson called “Father” that I played tonight that got a great reaction, amazing reaction! Yeah, it was beautiful, so it’s inspiring when you play a record and you see the reaction on the dance floor. And Quentin actually has a remix song too on that one. So, that’s the next one. And I’m doing something too during this, once in a while. That’s it!

Keeping busy!

Yeah, always!

Ok Hector! Now, could you tell me your biggest track of the moment? The track you can’t leave at home!

Oh! That’s hard, that’s hard! You are putting me on the spot! But if I had the thing right now, really quick, there’s an amazing remix by Eli Escobar for Hercules & Love Affair the band, called “Rejoice”. I played it tonight and it’s so amazing. It got a great response, so Eli, home-grown, New-Yorker, set it off! It’s a classic recording, that’s where our respect goes, baby! So yeah, “Rejoice” by my boy Eli Escobar, Hercules & Love Affair… amazing, I love it!

Hector, it was an absolute pleasure to interview you! A pleasure to play before you, and you play a great set! So, thank you very much sir!

Thank you man, it’s a pleasure meeting you! I wanna say one thing though, House of Frankie, what you guys have done, Alessandro, Giordano, I love them so much, these guys have come a long way. They are real passionate about what they do and in just a short span you can see the growth. And I respect them so much because in what they do, they have passion. So, I just wanna say thank you and congratulations for everything. Their success is gonna grow, gonna grow, gonna grow because they’re dedicated and they consistent and I’m seriously really proud of them. No ball, straight up. I’ve seen them and I’ve known them for long time.

You heard it from the man himself! There you go! House of Frankie, Hector Romero!


In Da House!

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Hector Romero on Traxsource


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