Looking for a record carrying bag? Maybe practical & chic at the same time? Well then, here’s the perfect bag for you!

DJs and producers really know how hard is to carry vinyl, especially when they have to travel around the world very often. So that’s why record collector and designer Daniel Spijker has launched KURO – The Record Collector Bag.

The idea was born out of sheer frustration of not being able to safely carry around records in the same bag I use for work, travel and everyday commuting. I tried and tested so many bags out there but they always felt like a compromise,” says Spijker.

Kuro means ‘black’ in Japanese, and reflects the beautiful deep black color of vinyl. Combined with the minimalist design aesthetic, relentless focus and appreciation of quality that inspired me on my travels through Japan, it stands for much more than just the name. It is basic and inspirational, never out of fashion, straight-forward and understated.

It features different leathers, cotton twill interior, flexible, removable dividers, a large front pocket, adjustable shoulder strap and more. Not only is it stylish, but the structured style of the bag makes it ideal for carrying up to 30 LPs, plus 7″ singles a laptop, tablet, etc.

Initially I just started out with a bag for personal use, but after spending 12 months on perfecting the design and hearing the feedback from other collectors I decided to get a small batch produced in a limited edition.

So, to sum up, “weatherproof, stylish, multi-functional and travel-friendly“!

KURO Record Collector Bag is available at €249 in black and purple. But be quick! They have produced a strictly limited edition of 100 pieces.

Head here for more info!


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