Help Behringer To Build The New Eurorack Modules!

The conpany is working on affordable Eurorack modules and invites people to get involved in the project.

After releasing the Model D, DeepMind and Neutron semi-modular synthesizers,  Behringer is planning to build a wide range of Eurorack modules at affordable prices.

Uli Behringer, founder of the audio equipment company, has announced on forum his interest in creating eurorack modules with a price range between $49 and $99 per module, and he’s inviting any interested designers and engineers to get involved in the project.

Behringer also shared renderings of module concepts based on Roland‘s 100M modular system, showing a hybrid VCO/VCF/VCA module, an envelope and LFO generator and a CV/gate sequencer.

Behringer declared: “Many of our synthesizers such as Model D, Neutron, Pro-1, etc. have been designed to be used as standalone instruments but also to fit the hugely popular Eurorack format. Many of you have now requested for us to build individual Eurorack modules, powered Eurorack cases and especially bring back some of the legacy modular systems. At the same time we also thought about inviting all designers and engineers among you to participate in this initiative.


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