Felipe Valenzuela & Dani Casarano have been responsible for their fair share of discerning electronic music over the years. As well as sharing a keen understanding behind the decks, the pair also share a similar ear for clued-in house music. The result is the release of ‘Melcure000‘, a double-A sided affair featuring a production from each producer, characterised by its heady, dancefloor vibes.

The duo will also be hosting a party at Sónar, whereby their other label, Melisma, is teaming up with Cure Music. They’ve a pretty stacked line-up for that one, with Afriqua, Topper, Alberto?, Giuliano Lamonte and Momo Trosman joining them.


Listen to ‘Melcure000‘ below.


  • 1) Dani Casarano – Newboli
  • 2) Felipe Valenzuela – 009 Mix


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