In January of 2009, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin started Mister Saturday Night. At first, it was a party at a club, but after a few months, they forged a path that would make the Mister something more special, taking it into private homes and DIY spaces that allowed for deeper connections to music.

Almost a decade later, Mister Saturday Night has become an institution, spinning off the beloved all ages, all-walks-of-life Mister Sunday parties, starting Mister Saturday Night Records, the respected label that’s put out milestone records from Anthony Naples, Denis Sulta (as Atlus), Dark Sky, Keita Sano, General Ludd, Gunnar Haslam and Nebraska; opening Nowadays, their own space for dancing, listening, learning and making in-real-life human connections and celebrating 250 parties this summer.

This summer they’re bringing the celebration to London. The last time the Mister Saturday Night guys did their own party in the Big Smoke was almost a year ago at the Church of St. John-at-Hackney. On Sunday, 27th August, Justin and Eamon will be taking over York Hall, a storied Victorian building in Bethnal Green with a nearly hundred-year-old basement bathhouse, and a boxing gym where Lennox Lewis and Audley Harrison have duked it out.

With music going on from 4pm – 11pm, they’ll be taking over the skylit main room for Carnival Sunday, installing a nice sound system, bringing way too many records, blowing up some balloons and getting the wood floors primed for an afternoon dance.

The London party follows their recent compilation and mix release, ‘Mister Saturday Night: Then and Now‘, a selection of songs that have come to define the party – as well as some recent discoveries that reflect Eamon and Justin’s ongoing commitment to unearthing and sharing the music they love.

Grab your tickets here!

Watch the Mister Sunday and Mister Saturday Night’s 250th Party below.


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