DMX Krew is back on Hypercolour launching his new LP!

The LP will release on September 1st

DMX Krew will release a new LP, Strange Directions, through Hypercolour in September.

Strange Directions is the 21st album from DMX Krew, also known as Ed Upton, and it sees him back on Hypercolour after the label put out his You Exist LP in early 2016.

The new mix is expected to be a “experimental and expansive joints,” “funkier techno jams” and “melancholic synth sensibilities”.

Since You Exist came out, Upton has maintained a brisk release schedule with albums like Escape-MCP and The New Age Travellers, and EPs Artificial Gravity and Space Cucumbers.

A1 Snowy Blue
A2 U Talk 2 Much
A3 Hip Hopeless
A4 Odd Chill
B1 Home Made Drum Machine
B2 Kinesthetic
B3 Nice Portal
B4 Soft Networks
C1 Strode Down
C2 Thin Hype
C3 Grimsthorpe
D1 Zero Sum
D2 Axial Mode Beat
D3 Strange Directions


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