Amsterdam based music company Dekmantel has dropped two new mixes from Ben UFO.

The London-based DJ and co-founder of the record label Hessle Audio, who performed at Dekmantel Festival last summer, has been asked “for a contribution to their [Dekmantel] podcast series for a long time now – i put it off for a long time as ive wanted the focus to be on my club sets recently… when i finally got round to recording something, it’d been such a long time since i’d made a ‘studio’ mix that i couldn’t settle on one idea – so i made two“.

Speaking about the podcasts, Ben UFO also said: “I went about this in the same way I would go about making a tape: two distinct but related ideas that I think work better on their own than if I’d tried to jam them together somehow.

Where side-a was an often heady affair with plenty of open space for you to get lost in, side-b plots a more high pressure and intense trajectory. It’s the peak of the trip that really gets you on your toes as it hurries through slamming grooves and a whole history of electronic music. The kick drums come on thick and fast throughout. Some feel blissed-out and dreamy, others feel dark and menacing. There are nods to the funky dread of hardcore, slither of electro and swing of UK garage along the way, and every new drop helps colour the mix and ensure it is anything but a linear and predictable affair,” added Dekmantel.

Listen to them below!


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