David Morales And Janice Robinson Gift Us With Magic Moment In Studio Session

The two artists are working on their next release 'Freedom'. Enjoy this preview from the studio session!

After closing a spectacular year with the release of ‘Father‘, David Morales and Janice Robinson are ready to treat us with a brand new project titled ‘Freedom‘.

Some live recordings of the studio sessions in Quad Studio NYC have been spread showing the love and passion that the two artists are putting into the track. The video below gives us a touching moment (starting from 6.30) between Morales and the Queen of Gospel hugging each other and being moved by the atmosphere after the recording.

Little we know about the EP but seen the previous masterpieces released by these two we’re sure that something incredible is coming.

Another track we’d like to recall is ‘There Must Be Love‘, a song released in 2015 coming from the heart and soul which saw an incredible success all over the world.


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